Outlander hill dwarf mountain druid


Com: 13
Luck: 15

Dedicated, Coarse, Resourceful, Austere, Irreverent, Abrasive.

No use for money (unless needed for ale) or manners. Her clan’s safety/survival is of paramount importance, even if she’d rather spend time with animals than any of her kin (her aunt aside). She’s an alcoholic, an ale drinker sunup to sunset, and is not pleasant (even worse than normal) if she runs out. She has no care or mind to ever get sloshed, but typically maintains a light buzz all day.


Zell is from Fractal Hall, the little dwarven gemstone mining community merely a few dwarven generations old and buried deep underneath the western edge of the Sunset Mountains.

The dwarf explorer and gemcutter Gromsby Glassbeard discovered a rich area for gold ore and gemstones 290 years ago. He brought in select friends and family, and together they carved out a rich mine, then built the opulent Fractal Hall (designed by Gromsby’s geologist/geometrician wife Unvarga) in the heart of the gold and gemstone veins. Fractal Hall is quite a wonder, a gilded and gem encrusted grand hall central to the community.

The first century or so made the little community overflowing with wealth. Tons of gold ore, as well as deposits of aquamarine, beryl, citrine, emerald, garnet, moonstone, rose quartz, sapphire, smokey quartz, staurolite, topaz, and tourmaline, flowed from the mine. But all of that paled compared to the rubies harvested. Today, most of the precious metal and stone has played out, but the mining is still active, producing some gold ore and small rubies. The handful of families that live there are quite filthy rich. The location of Fractal Hall is a closely guarded secret.

Gromsby and Unvarga eventually passed of natural causes. They were mummified and made into golden, gem-encrusted statues placed in Fractal Hall, an odd practice that has become the standard burial rites for the community. The few dead from the community line the border of the glittering, bedazzling golden Fractal Hall.

Young dwarves that come of age from the community typically are sent out in the world to explore, seek out new undiscovered veins for possible future extraction, and visit other dwarven communities in hopes of finding a mate to wed and bring home to Fractal Hall.

Zell’s mother (daughter of Gromsby/Unvarga) and father both died in a mine collapse when she was too young to ultimately remember them. Her aunt (mother’s sister) Olganna, a surly, no-nonsense mountain druidess and former adventurer, took Zell under her wing. The two didn’t really fit in with the OCD artisan culture of Fractal Hall, preferring the sound of the wind and the birds to that of picks, forge, gruff laughter and clanking mugs.

A couple of years ago Vandros Rellenvash arrived at the summons of Olganna. The two were part of an adventuring band years ago and were close friends. Indeed it was Olganna’s recommendation that landed Zellendora her name, and it is a play off of and nod to Rellenvash. Olganna warned Vandros of a dangerous cult that had potential to wreak havoc on the world. Vandros told Olganna of the unacceptable tyranny of Frostmantle of Damara. The two decided the cult was the more pressing concern, and set off to do something about it. They have yet to return.

Olganna’s long absence is troubling to Fractal Hall, particularly her brother Grovar Glassbeard, the clan chief (technically king, but they never use the word king). She long served as vigilant eyes and ears in the mountains above the Halls, warning the community of any encroaching threat, a role that young Zell has taken over. It is well known to the elders that while Olganna would often just handle threats herself, or rally just a handful of veterans to her cause and then do so, young Zell will not be able to be nearly as deadly efficient when needed.

The dwarves of Fractal Hall are well aware that the secret of their location is the paramount thing keeping their vast wealth safe. The fighting ways are all but lost on the extremely adept artisans that comprise Fractal Hall. Olganna being gone has the community very nervous.


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