Dreveran Rellenvash

Paladin of the Golden Cup (Ilmater)


6’6"; 266 lbs. 18 years old. Shoulder length black hair. Short-cut black beard. Green eyes. Bronzish/dusky skin.

Com: 15
Luck: 10

HP: 13

Background: Acolyte.

Sincere, Helpful, Magnanimous, Considerate, Chivalrous, Tolerant, Idealist. Idolizes his father, has him placed on a pedestal, and he strives to live up to what he thinks his father’s expectations are. Has never really considered that he was technically abandoned by his father. He gets shy around charming, beautiful women. He hates that he does so.

Ideal: Charity.

Bond: Always work to relieve or personally shoulder the suffering of the unfortunate.

Flaw: Obsessive over finding father, and then achieving his father’s goal of unseating Frostmantle. Has left everything he knows to do so. Believes redemption is a path for near anyone (Frostmantle being the one and only person he knows of that he considers beyond redemption). No doubt more experience will temper his idealism and belief that everyone can be redeemed.


Dreveran is the son of Vandros Rellenvash, a weathered and worldly ranger. Vandros’ father was a Calishite pasha, infamous for his cruelty, his mother was a Turami harem-slave. Vandros was sold into slavery after his mother’s untimely death, ultimately rescued by Drizzt and some others. Vandros decided to walk a similar path to that of his savior.

Dreveran’s mother was Isanna Dragonsbane, a priestess of Ilmater and a descendent of the brother of King Gareth Dragonsbane. She died giving birth to Dreveran while taking sanctuary at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose, fearful for her future faced with the current King Frostmantle and his mind to fully eliminate all Dragonsbane claims to the throne of Damara. Frostmantle seized the throne in 1460, having assassinated the last of the direct heirs to the throne. With his father often away resisting Frostmantle’s consolidation of power, Dreveran was largely reared by the monks, paladins, and priests at the monastery.

Vandros had a solid run of doing the Robin Hood thing against Frostmantle, ultimately just a thorn in the side, which ended two years ago when he received a mysterious summons from his old friend and adventuring companion Olganna, a dwarven mountain druid of the Sunset Mountains. Vandros, with a mind to perhaps rally some of his old adventuring companions to help him in his resistance to Frostmantle, left for the Sunset Mountains. Dreveran has not heard from him since.

With his training complete, and acceptance into the Order of the Golden Cup and Frostmantle’s rule as secure as ever, Dreveran intends to seek out his father. Dreveran knows his father left to seek out the dwarven mountain druidess Olganna in the Sunset Mountains.

Dreveran Rellenvash

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